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1914-1918 750 Musées Europe

1914-1918 750 Musées Europe Europe 750 WWI Museums Guide book

Writer : Sébastien Hervouet, Luc Braeuer and Marc Braeuer.

Third publication of the 14/18 European WWI Museum Guide book. This new and practical full colour guide summarises more than 750 museums relating to the 1914/18 period in Europe.

The museums, listed by geographical area, have a short description together with practical information, a picture and a map.

Also included is a list of more than 300 battlefield relics and monuments e.g. trenches, guns, bunkers, mine craters, etc ...

This guide is the single handbook that will permit anyone interested in Great War to easily organize their trip through history.

Format : 15 cm x 21 cm - 232 pages - More than 250 pictures.
Languages : Bilingual in French and English.

Public price : 15 €

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1914-1918 750 Musées Europe 1914-1918 750 Musées Europe English and French language